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Searchme: Coverflow-Like Search Results



This might be interesting for touch screen users. Sequoia Capital, a venture capital fund, has unveiled a beta of the visual search engine Searchme. It looks very much like Apple’s coverflow and provides users with a visual representation of search results. It is in private beta (I’ve registered but I’m not in yet). While the developers claim that they are not trying to be Google, they are trying to provide a different way to look at your search results and for touch screen users, this could be an interesting way to flip through what you’re looking for. I’m not so sure how these kind of novelty approaches to search will catch on (remember Ms. Dewey?), but it is nice to see something that works with the cover flow concept. I’ve always said that is a natural for touch screens, as the iPhone and the iPod Touch continue to prove. Check out the video.


Via AllThingsDigital

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