Season Pass Details Arrives for Star Wars Battlefront

With the Star Wars Battlefront release date finally here, we’re learning more about Electronic Arts and DICE’s plan to keep the game updated with new content. This information includes more Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass details and news of coming expansions.

Electronic Arts and DICE updated the Star Wars Battlefront website with new details this morning, shortly after the game launched. Available on Xbox One, Windows PCs and Sony’s PS4, Star Wars Battlefront is the ultimate Star Wars combat simulation. Every firearm, every vehicle and arena are directly inspired by the long-running film franchise. Electronic Arts announced earlier this year that a Season Pass would add tons of new content to the game after release date. The publisher also confirmed that getting a Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass would cost $49.99. For comparison, the base game costs $60 in stores right now.

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Electronic Arts says that the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass will unlock four major expansion updates over the coming months. It doesn’t break everything down by what’s included in each update though.

Buyers can expect 20 different weapons, vehicles to arrive as updates, along with new Star Cards that grand them new abilities. Star Wars Battlefront lets users snag a power up and spend a limited amount of time as a legendary hero or villain today. For example, players can temporarily become both Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Season Pass holders will get for more heroes and villains to become, but EA isn’t ready to say who those heroes and villains are. There are 16 different maps coming to join the game’s already extensive list of locales. These new maps will take players to different areas than what’s available today.

In total, the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass will add four new game modes, likely divided up into each of the expansions. Buyers get an exclusive emote too.

Of course, it’d be silly for Electronic Arts to lock all of this content behind a $49.99 purchase. From the wording on the new season pass details page, it seems the company will sell each expansion on its own so that users can pick and choose what they want. Unfortunately, users that do will have to wait behind everyone else to get the new content. Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass holders can expect access to new maps and add-ons a full two weeks before anyone that doesn’t have the season pass gets a chance to download.

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Season passes are a new way for video game publishers to monetize their games without increasing the base price. The cost of marketing and developing big-name games has increased drastically in recent years. A season pass is a pretty much a service agreement, a promise from that developer that they’ll provide buyers with a steady stream of new content that’s worthy of the money they’re giving for the season pass. Often times, season pass buyers don’t find out the extent of the content they’re getting until the publisher is ready to release it.

Electronic Arts hasn’t provided a time frame for when these new content expansions will launch, nor detailed when we can expect to see more details about what’s in each of them.

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Star Wars Battlefront arrived today for Windows PCs, Xbox One and PS4, but only the PS4 comes with a copy of the game and a console at no additional charge. This bundle costs $349.99 A PS4 bundle with Star Wars Battlefront and a Darth Vader design costs $399. Microsoft has partnered with GameStop to offer a free game to anyone that purchases a new Xbox One console. This free game can cost up to $59.99, the same cost as a entry-level Star Wars Battlefront title on any platform.

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