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Second The Division Beta Release Confirmed



This morning, Ubisoft finally revealed The Division Beta release details that we’ve waited for. A second, open The Division Beta release arrives later this month. Anyone will be able to play the game, regardless of whether they’ve pre-ordered the game.

Confirmation of the new The Division Beta release came this morning in a post to the Ubiblog, Ubisoft’s dedicated news website for all of its games. The Division is an online role-playing game centered around the apocalypse. A virus planted be forces unknown have caused the collapse of the American government.


Free from any kind of law, New York City’s social fabric breaks down. The city descends into chaos. Only Strategic Homeland Division agents within the city can save those that are left and bring order to all the chaos. The Division arrives on store shelves March 8th, officially.

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As expected, The Division Beta release starts on February 19th and last until February 21st for users with Windows PCs and Sony’s PS4. Xbox One owners, thanks to a deal with Microsoft, once again get access to the game a day early. In this case, Xbox One owners can look forward to the beta kicking off on February 18th.

As proof of the game’s progress, Ubisoft says that it’s implemented some of the feedback it received from closed beta participants. Specifically, it’s taken great care to implement changes that ruined the first beta for some users on PC. “The development team has resolved most of the PC cheating issues tracked during the closed beta.” All of the fixes for cheating will be implemented by March 8th with the official launch.


To lure experienced players back into trying the game with the new The Division Beta release, Ubisoft has a new story mission for everyone to play. The company is also handing out access to “special in-game rewards.” The Division buyers will get to use these beta rewards with the final version of the game.

The rest of the logistics seem to be the same from the last test of the game. The Division Beta release players didn’t get to keep their player progression and there is nothing that indicates the Open Beta will let users keep their loot and progress either. That makes sense given that Ubisoft Massive compressed the amount of time it takes to level a character during the betas.

On February 16th, two days before the beta release arrives, users will be able to download it to their Xbox One, PS4 or Windows PC. Xbox One and PS4 users won’t need to enter a special code or anything this time around. This The Division Beta Release will require a UPlay account, just like the last one did. Anyone with the last beta release client on their console can leave it there and it’ll get updated.

Separately from The Division Beta release, Ubisoft debuted a new trailer detailing the different factions that will inhabit the game along with players. Cleaners are more vigilantes than gang. They’re burning everything because they feel killing the virus in all forms is the only way to reestablish law and order. Rikers escaped New York City’s Riker’s Island Prison and are dedicated to stirring up as much anarchy as possible.

Like SHD, the Last Man Battalion is equipped with military weaponry and armor. The gang is trying to restore order to New York City too, but it plans to do so by any means necessary. Lastly, there’s SHD. They’re a covert force activated by presidential order to help stop the city from tarring itself apart. They’re sleeper agents, having trained for a conflict like this for years. Players are a member of SHD.

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Both the Xbox Store and PlayStation Store have The Division pre-orders available right now. So does GameStop and Best Buy. Pre-ordering gets users access to the orange Hazmat gear set. A basic version of the game costs $59.99, but Ubisoft has a Gold Edition that sells for $99.99 and includes all the game’s forthcoming content.



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