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See the WiBrain B1 Playing Quake II



Dynamism has posted a video on YouTube of some guy playing Quake II on a WiBrain B1. It seems to play really well! I was impressed with how well the gamer was able to use the D pad and the touch pad to move through the game. The ergonomics also seem quite a bit better than I was expecting with the split keyboard. Given the specifications of the system and the price (starting at $699 from Dynamism), this looks like a pretty compelling device for someone wanting a general purpose UMPC. At the beginning of the video you get a brief view of the system itself while the system boots. Worth noting – the system appears to have done a cold boot to playing Quake II in only about 45 seconds. Not too bad!

Jkkmobile posted an earlier video of the WiBrain B1 that is narrated in another language, so just watch the pretty pictures roll by. It does have a few pictures of the system in a case which looks pretty cool. That video was obviously targeted for the Korean market.

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