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Select Mulitiple Emails In Outlook With A Stylus



OutlookselectHere’s a nifty tip from Josh Einstein via Lora Heiny via Craig Pringle. (That’s some lineage for a tip!) If you are using the stylus on a Tablet PC and need to select multiple emails in Outlook 2007 you can do so without having to press the Shift key. Here’s the tip:

Josh passed along a great tip. The cursor switches directions so that you can actually multi-select emails without having to use the Shift key.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2007 in normal view mode
  2. Move cursor position to the left side of the mail envelope and the right side of the divider, and the cursor direction switches to point to the right.
  3. Now, drag the pen or mouse position down et voila! you can select multiple emails.

Of course it works on any PC, but as Craig says, this is an awesome aid on a Tablet PC.




1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Colin Sanders

    04/26/2016 at 4:29 am

    Thank you!

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