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Sena WalletSlim iPhone 5 Case Review: Amazing Wallet Case



The Sena WalletSlim iPhone 5 case is a new version of the popular wallet case from Sena that is better than the iPhone 4S WalletSlim case.

Sena added a third card slot, cut away the leather that touched the edges of the iPhone screen and covered up the button on the back of the case to turn the iPhone 5 WalletSlim into one of the best iPhone 5 wallet cases around.

We already praised the earlier WalletSlim model for carrying cards and cash without a flap or fold like most iPhone wallet cases, so it’s exciting to see that Sena addressed the small issues we had last time around.


Sena WalletSlim iPhone 5 Case Review - 05

Sena Walletslim iPhone 5 case.

Soft, fine-grain leather wraps tightly around the iPhone 5 adding three card slots and some protection from drops thanks to a rigid back. The case adds minimal thickness to the iPhone 5’s slim body, but the snap sticks out a bit too much for our liking. The snap keeps the iPhone 5 in place and ensures that the cards don’t slide out of the wallet section. It would be nice if Sena could find a way to remove the need for this snap. The edge of it sticks out just enough that it can snag on a pocket occasionally

Sena WalletSlim iPhone 5 Case Review - 03

Leather no longer sits next to the display.

Sena no longer brings the edge of the leather up to the edge of the iPhone’s screen, which makes typing more enjoyable. The iPhone 4S model doesn’t prevent typing or gaming, but it was an area of frustration.

Sena WalletSlim iPhone 5 Case Review - 06

The snap sticks out more than we’d like.

By adding three card slots Sena makes the WalletSlim much more attractive as the only wallet the owner needs to carry now that there is room for an ID-card, debit card and a credit card. There’s no dedicated spot for cash, but there is room to fold up one or two bills and stick them between the iPhone 5 and the back of the case for emergencies.

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The WalletSlim includes openings for the mute switch, power button, headphone jack and lightning connection. Leather covers the volume buttons, but they are easy to use. The camera is always clear to take snapshots without aligning a flap or holding the iPhone 5 in a specific way.

Sena WalletSlim iPhone 5 Case Review - 09

Fast access to cards and the camera.

The Sena WalletSlim iPhone 5 case is available in four colors and two finishes for $44.95 direct from Sena. Thanks to the third card slot, better design around the screen and overall size this is one of the best iPhone 5 wallet cases available.



  1. don wilmer (@wilmerdon)

    12/08/2012 at 10:57 am

    Excellent review, Josh. I have been looking all over town for a month – since I bought my 5 – for a nice case that’s worthy of carrying the most expensive mobile phone in the world! Just ordered by Sena Classic Pouch after learning about it via your review. Its gonna cost me 10 USD in shipping alone. But then good things don’t come easy or cheap :)

    • Josh Smith

      12/08/2012 at 12:18 pm

      Glad to hear. I have that one in for review as well. It’s going on soon for testing.

  2. Julie Khaled

    12/09/2012 at 12:10 pm

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  3. kaitlyn5wilson

    12/10/2012 at 12:27 pm

    a little expensive. free shipping?

  4. fundroute

    04/10/2013 at 12:32 pm

    This case is good,i had seen many amazing iphone 5 cases here

  5. Brittany

    06/07/2013 at 8:15 am

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