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How to Send a Fax with the iPhone



Sending faxes is not as common today as it once was, but the practice is still necessary in some business settings. Doctors offices, small business and other organizations still rely on the fax machine as a way of sending documents and memos back and forth. While having a dedicated fax machine is a pain, many have kept one around if they ever need to receive or send a fax.

The average person no longer has a home phone line nonetheless a fax machine and this is problematic when someone needs to send a fax.  Luckily by using an app the iPhone can send and receive faxes. This may come in handy for one person, or even a business who wants to ditch their old fax machine. Find out how to start using the iPhone to send faxes in the guide below.

Before the process of sending a fax can begin, head to the app store and download a fax app. There are a few options when it comes to iPhone Fax apps but one of the best is iFax. Go to the app store and download this free app before starting this guide. Note that while this app is free it requires an in-app purchase of $.099 to send faxes up to 5 pages, and in turn more for each number of pages greater than 5 that you would like to send.

After the app downloads to the iPhone, Open iFax.

Open iFax

With iFax open, Select Continue.

Tap Continue

On the next page Tap New Account, unless you already have an iFax account, then login with your username and password.

New Account

On the next page, enter your email address and Tap Sign Up.

Tap Sign Up

Tap Confirm.

Confirm Email

iFax will then send you a password to the email that you provided. Log into your email account and use the email address you provided and the password they sent you to login to iFax. After entering the email and password, Tap Login.


After logging in, the screen should look like the one below. To send a fax, Tap New Fax.

Tap New Fax

At the top of the next page are options for the cover page. By default there is a cover page, but you can disable it by turning the slider to Off. 

Fax Cover Page

If you do want a cover page, tap Templates in the top right to choose what style of cover page you would like to use on your fax.


On the templates page there are several different styles of cover pages to choose from. Once you have chosen the one that you are going to use, tap Select.

Select Cover Template

Be sure to fill out the Recipient name and fax number fields so that your fax goes to the correct number and person.

Recepient Name and Number

At the bottom of the page enter the details that you would like to appear on the cover page. Once finished with the cover page info, tap Next. 

Tap Next

On this page you can attach a file or write a message that you would like sent with the fax. After attaching all documents and messages, tap Next.

Add documents or text

On the preview page it will display how your fax will look when delivered. If the fax looks ready to send select Send.

Send Fax

After sending the fax a message like this will appear, to check the status of the fax tap Status.

Check Status

Once the fax sends, a confirmation message will alert the user.

Fax Sucessful



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1 Comment

  1. Bis ra

    04/19/2015 at 7:12 am

    Are faxes sent by land communications or SATELLITE such as Vaan ?

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