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Sennheiser ME3-N Arrival



Wow, here is some exciting news. I have already received two of the many microphones I want to review. The first, courtesy of is the Sennheiser ME3-N. I have set up this microphone and created a user file and already I can tell the recognition accuracy is going to be high.

I will use this microphone in the office for the next several days. For those who asked, I will be taking my tablet out into the car with the microphone and attempt to re-create some conditions that people have asked me to test microphones in.

Previous reviews have given this microphone a ““High Five” for speech recognition usage. I will be posting some pictures of this microphone in action as soon as I have some time to take and download them. In the meantime I will post my first attempts of photographing microphones. (Please do not laugh at my first attempts)

Over the next week, I will also attempt to set up the Revolabs lapel microphone. This is a wireless microphone and I have read good reports about this microphone also. The only downside that I have read is that it is not very noise canceling. Also to come, posting pictures of the Revolabs microphone.



IMG_0546 IMG_0545



Okay, even I am laughing at my first attempt of posting microphone pictures. Well, it can only get better.

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