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Setting Up The HP Mini 1000 Mi Edition



I have the pleasure of testing out HP’s new Mini 1000 Mi Edition (Mobile Internet Experience) over the coming weeks. I’m a total Linux newbie, so this should fun. HP’s goal of the MIE is that it shouldn’t really matter if you are a Linux newbie. The experience should be all about the internet, and at first glance, they’ve done a great job.

I’m just now getting in to the OS, setting up email, browsing the web, and getting a feel for how all this works.   I’ll give the Mi this right off the bat – the thing sure boots fast. Within 43 seconds of hitting the power switch, I’m at the logon screen, and within 10 seconds after typing my password, I’m talking with friends through MSN with Pidgin. The web browser is using   Firefox 3.0.4. I’ve already been to Gmail and installed Google Gears and their Offline plug-in without a hitch.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t look like HP got the Psion / Netbook trademark memo that got sent around the office a few weeks back – check out this screen shot I took during the setup process. I’ve got more screenshots over at our Flickr page.


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