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With Share Everything Plans, Numbridge’s VoIP Service Makes Sense



Unlike traditional VoIP calls, Numbridge’s telephony system uses a local gateway to connect customers similar to how Google Voice works in the U.S. And given the recent shift in the mobile market in the U.S., Numbridge’s business model may make more sense than traditional telephony services that are based purely on the Internet for connecting calls, like Skype or Viber.

If you’re looking to connect with friends, family, and loved ones over the holidays, Numbridge is a great telephone alternative that can save you money on long distance calls.

The cost savings is accounted for in two ways.

logo_headerFirst, assuming a purely mobile lifestyle where users are connected entirely on the mobile network, rather than having to rely on tethering to a WiFi network or hotspot, traditional VoIP services could potentially rack up heavy data charges depending on voice quality and how long you talk for. Given that the American mobile industry is shifting to smartphone plans where users are given unlimited talk and text and are charged on metered data, this could amount to higher costs on a mobile bill.

Services like Numbridge and Google Voice don’t work off of VoIP infrastructure in the way that Skype and Viber do. Rather, when you’re using the Numbridge app and service–available on iOS and Android–you will be able to dial a local or international number. Numbridge will connect that number, and then ring your phone. Once you answer and pick up, you’re then answering the call as you would as if someone had called your cell phone locally.

In this way, when you’re being connected over the Numbridge service, you’re not relying on the Internet or data to connect your call. You are instead using your traditional voice minutes. And with users now on plans with unlimited minutes, this will save you money on your cell phone bill.

Aside from the monetary savings (using unlimited voice minutes rather than tapping into metered data plans to make the call connection), Numbridge’s solution offers more reliability. With VoIP solutions–FaceTime Audio and FaceTime Video, Skype, Hangouts, and Viber–relying on the Internet could mean a choppy connection if data speeds slow down. You won’t get these slow downs with services that use a gateway to connect over traditional voice network. It’s essentially like calling a call center and having the call center connect you to the long distance number.

However, when you’re using VoIP services, you’re also being charged a connection rate, similar to international long distance, depending on the country you call. These charges vary widely between services, and Numbridge offers clear cost savings. numbridge_viber_skype

So the monetary savings here is two-fold: save on your data use by using up your unlimited minutes, and then save money on the telephony service itself.

You can learn more about Numbridge by visiting the company’s website, and be sure to check back on later in the day to learn about an exciting giveaway that Numbridge will be offering for our readers. 

Additionally, one feature that makes Numbridge stand out among the VoIP solutions that we’ve tested in the past is the ability to obtain one or multiple local numbers for a small fee. This way, if you have friends in France, you can give them a Paris number while family in Germany can call you with your local German number from Numbridge. The benefit here is that when your foreign family and friends reach out to you, they’re only being charged for a local call, versus having to make a more expensive long distance call on their end to your U.S. mobile number. This represents another cost savings advantage for staying connected.

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1 Comment

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