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Sharp Shipping iPhone 5 Displays This Month



Displays for the new iPhone 5 will ship from Sharp Corporation to Apple factories this month where assembly can kick off on the new iPhone.

“Shipments will start in August,”says Sharp President Takashi Okuda, referring to displays for the next Apple iPhone. Reuters reports that Okuda made the statement at a press briefing, but would not provide specific details about the timing.

It’s rare for Apple suppliers to publicly comment on an Apple product that has not been released. Though un-announced, Japan Display and LG Display will also likely start shipping iPhone 5 displays this month.

iPhone 5 displays like this will ship from Sharp to Apple in August.

iPhone 5 displays like this will ship from Sharp to Apple in August.

Sharp did not discuss the screen size or technology. The iPhone 5 is likely to feature a larger 4-inch display with new in-cell touch technology. The in-cell technology places the touch sensors in the display, allowing Sharp to make a thinner display panel. Apple can build this into a thinner iPhone 5. The new technology also boasts better outdoor visibility.

Rumors say that production of these new screens is more difficult, so a ship date of this month is good news for an iPhone 5 release date in the near future. iLab factory assembled claimed iPhone 5 parts, a 4-inch display and housings in the images below.

Macotakara shows many of these new claimed iPhone 5 parts on the video below, but there is no display shown.

iPhone 5 Release Date

Reuters report provides conflicting information regarding the iPhone 5 released date mentioning an October release as well as the rumored September 12th iPhone 5 launch event. Recent sources suggest that Apple will announce the iPhone 5 as well as an iPad Mini and other mobile product updates in September with a launch as early as September 21st. A September iPhone 5 launch looks more like a reality,

Following rumors of a September 12th launch event from iMore, big names like Jim Dalrymple of The Loop, AllThingsD and The New York Times weigh in with support for an Apple product launch in early September.

This places the iPhone 5 release date on September 21st, instead of Mid October. Apple is free to make the change without asking carriers to move upgrade dates as iPhone 4 owners who purchased on release day are outside of the two-year contract.



  1. subin

    08/02/2012 at 7:10 am

    thanks for the information
    i would like to share a resource which says more information about new iphone 5


    08/02/2012 at 4:06 pm

    If this is the screen going in the new iPhone & its technology allows for a thinner made phone then Id have to say that the leaked pictures of the new iPhone are not real as the phone in those pictures does not look small at all.- KID ANDROID

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