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Shift Size or Bigger Keyboard or…



This is about what I have come to over the last few days…  I need (would like/want/ect….) is a HTC Shift sized unit with an active digitizer or a device that is a little bit bigger with a keyboard that I can actually use…  You should see my hands crammed on to that HTC Shift keyboard! 

But really – the size of that is about perfect to keep around whenever I go to a meeting, and it’s been with me the past few days just about everywhere I have gone!  But, it’s really missing out on the ‘note taking’ side of things.  I ‘think’ I could even get past the screen rotation hurdle if I could rest my hand on the screen.  And I really need to rethink that keyboard comment from above… If I had a device a little bigger, it might not make it to the same amount of meetings, or I would be almost back to a larger sized device.


What do you think? I looked on Ebay at the LS800’s the other night.  Think that might do it for my companion note taking device if I get a ‘regular’ laptop as my main work computer? OQO? Something that has an active digitizer…

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