Shipping Now: Apple’s Best Feature on New Hardware

Say what you will about prices, specs, features, etc… the biggest feature Apple makes available is the fact that with much of its new hardware it ships pretty much immediately. Instead of announcing a product and giving us the industry standard “shipping soon” Apple makes some (not all) of its products available at announcement time. This is true with the next generation MacBook Pro that Apple has just announced at WWDC. These new Retina Display notebooks that Apple claims are “the best computer we’ve ever made” can be ordered on line today. No word yet if you can find it in Apple stores today, but you can bet they will be their sooner rather than later.

Talk about a way to make the fan boys contribute to their own personal debt problems. There’s lots of drooling going on over this new notebook with a $2199 base price, and the best way to turn that drooling into sales is to grab them before any semblance of rationality sets in. Or, folks talk to their significant others. Or, check their mutual funds.


You can read all about the new MacBook Pro here and also at the Apple Store.

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