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Should You Buy the iPad Mini 4 Now or Wait?



If you’re in the market for a new iPad, you might be eyeing the iPad mini 4, but should you buy the iPad mini 4 now or wait? Here’s some advice on what you should do if you can’t decide.

The iPad mini 4 was released last year and was unveiled during Apple’s iPhone 6s event, where the company also unleashed the iPad Pro. Unfortunately, the iPad mini 4 didn’t get quite the spec bump we were hoping for, but that’s not too surprising considering that Apple is focusing less and less on the product.

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The iPad mini 4 comes with an A8 processor (same as the iPhone 6) and an 8-megapixel camera, so while it’s technically a current-generation product, it does come with last-generation components, but this is isn’t too surprising since it’s Apple’s entry-level tablet.


However, if you’re still interested in buying the smaller iPad, you might have a hard time deciding when you want to buy it. Of course, the sooner the better, but since Apple is constantly refreshing its products, waiting can also be a great way to go in order to get the latest and greatest at the same price.

Here are some things you should know about buying the iPad mini 4 that could make your decision easier for you.

iPad Mini 5 Release Date

Perhaps the one thing that is probably holding you back from buying the iPad mini 4 is that you know a new iPad mini will likely release this year.


The iPad mini 5 hasn’t been all that heavily rumored yet, which is probably because it’s a bit too early for that.

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A new iPad mini likely won’t release until later in the year, probably in September or October like in past years.

Of course, Apple is rumored to announced a new iPad later this month, but that is expected to only be the iPad Air 3 (or the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, depending on how Apple brands it). It’s highly unlikely that the iPad mini 5 will be announced anytime soon, and you’ll be waiting until the fall if you decide to wait.

Buy Now or Wait?

If you currently don’t have an iPad and you really want one, I see no harm in buying the iPad mini 4 right now. Sure, the iPad mini 5 will likely release in 7-8 months, but as we’ve known from recent iPad mini refreshes, the iPad mini 5 likely won’t be a huge upgrade from the iPad mini 4.


This is why it shouldn’t hurt to buy the iPad mini 4 if you’ve been wanting one for a while. As aforementioned, Apple has been putting less and less focus on its smaller iPad. The iPad mini 4 was relatively minor upgrade from the iPad mini 3, and the iPad mini 3 was hardly even an upgrade over the iPad mini 2. I can’t say that the iPad mini 5 will see anything better than this.

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Of course, if you already have an iPad, like the iPad mini 2 or even an older iPad Air, you could probably go another 7-8 months without upgrading to a newer model.

Look at it this way: If you’ve already had the iPad mini 2 all this time, waiting seven more months shouldn’t be that big of a deal, and at that point, you’ll be able to get the iPad mini 5 with the latest components and faster performance. The wait will be worth it.

Plus, waiting that long will give you the opportunity to save up even more money that could allow you to get a higher-capacity model, or even get the larger iPad Air 3 at that point. I know a lot of users buy the iPad mini because of its more compact size, but it’s also a tempting purchase because of its lower price tag, so if you wanted to get a larger model, that extra time could allow you to save up for it.

Best iPad Mini Screen Protectors

Zagg InvisibleShield

Zagg InvisibleShield

While there are plenty of imitators out on the market, none stand a chance to the real thing. Zagg makes the ever-popular InvisibleShield screen protector, which is made of a unique military-grade material that essentially makes your iPad's screen completely scratch proof.

There are plenty of videos you can find on YouTube that test the capabilities of Zagg's InvisibleShield, where scratching your display with keys or even a knife doesn't do a single thing.

The texture of the screen protector is a little odd and it's definitely different than what a plastic or glass screen protector feels like, so it takes a bit of getting used to, but if you find yourself always scratching the displays on your devices, Zagg's InvisibleShield may be the best option for you.

The InvisibleShield for the iPad mini comes in three different models: Original, HDX, and Glass, with the last two offering more clarity, but a higher price tag.

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