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Should You Update to iOS 8.3 and Lose Your Jailbreak?



If your iPhone is jailbroken, then you’re running an older version of iOS 8, but is it worth updating to iOS 8.3 and losing your jailbreak in the process?

The latest version of iOS that’s jailbreakable is iOS 8.1.2, which is already outdated by iOS 8.1.3, iOS 8.2, and now iOS 8.3. Since then, many performance improvements, bug fixes and new features have been added to iOS 8, which may tempt some jailbreakers to jump ship and update to the latest version of iOS, knowing that they will lose their jailbreak.

However, one question you should ask yourself is if it’s really worth upgrading to iOS 8.3 if it means that you’ll lose your jailbreak. iOS 8.3 comes with some new emoji, wireless CarPlay support and a wealth of security fixes and performance improvements. Some users will enjoy these new changes and improvements can be nothing but good, but the enjoyment of a jailbroken iPhone can sometimes outweigh the new features in a new iOS update.

If this is a question that you’ve been asking yourself lately, you’re not alone. Of course, it’s a question that you’ll ultimately have to answer yourself based on how much you use your installed jailbreak tweaks and how much you’d get out of the new features in iOS 8.3, but the general consensus from jailbreakers is that you’ll most like miss your jailbreak if you update your iPhone.


One Reddit user says that you should “definitely wait. I’m on 8.3 and really really regret upgrading. Battery life is better but you’ll miss your jailbreak more.”

However, other jailbreakers are saying that updating to iOS 8.3 and losing your jailbreak provides a much more stable iOS experience and better battery life overall:

I decided to upgrade my jailbroken IPhone 6 Plus, and I do miss my tweaks, but the amount of fixes and optimization Apple put in the change log was enough to make me upgrade. 8.3 is much more fluid and stable with less bugs and better battery life.”

And while some users hated losing their jailbreaks, updating to iOS 8.3 was really the best choice in the end:

Upgrading to 8.3 sucked […] but, my WiFi is back to where I would expect it to be on 8.3, and my battery life (already pretty great on the 6+) is unreal.”

So it seems that if you want better battery life and more stable iOS experience on your iPhone, it might be a good idea to update to iOS 8.3 and lose your jailbreak, but if you just can’t tear yourself away from the grasp of Cydia, then it might be a good idea to stay put where you are.


If you do decide to update to iOS 8.3, it’s really easy to unjailbreak and update to the latest version. All it requires is some time and patience, so here’s how to unjailbreak your iPhone.

First off, plug your iPhone into your computer and open up iTunes. Then click on the iPhone icon toward the upper-left corner of the window and click on Restore iPhone. You’ll need to disable Find My iPhone in order to do this, so just simply open up the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on iCloud. From there, toggle off Find My iPhone and enter in your Apple ID password to confirm.

After you click on Restore iPhone, you’ll be taken through the process of updating your iPhone to the latest version of iOS. It will take a bit of time to download the update and install it, so this is where you can lean back and wait for the update to download. After the update is complete, you’ll be asked if you want to set up your iPhone as a new iPhone or restore from a backup. Be sure to back up your iPhone before you do all of this, that way you can restore from a backup when you get to this screen. After that you’ll be good to go.

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