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ShutDown Day 2007… could you survive with out your PC?



OK, now I have heard it all. Turn off my computer for 24 hours? What self respecting tablet PC geek could answer “yes” to this? Anyway, is all about finding out if you could live without your computer for a single day and creating a worldwide experiment to find out. Want to give it a try? 24 March 2007 is your date to join many others to see if you have what it takes. As for me, I would have to be a few breaths from going to meet my maker to make a go of it. A little over a year ago, I broke 5 ribs, removed a good bit of hide from both legs, and broke my shoulder blade in a motorcycle mishap. I was back on my tablet in less than 12 hours. I know, you are impressed how tuff I am. Not really, I was in a bit of a fog from the pain killers and could not tell you what I read or who I emailed. But dang-it, I was inking! Sorry, I digress. Back to the subject.


It will be interesting to see just how many REAL geek’s say no. Check them out and let them know where you weigh in. So far, the “I can’s” far out vote the “I cannot’s”.

As for me… I put my vote with the “I cannot’s”! Cast your vote and join the experiment here.

Regardless of where you stand, the “Alternate Uses for Your Laptop” video is just too funny! I think it should be titled Alternate Uses for Your Laptop AFTER You Get A New Tablet PC! and include a clip of me calling “Pull”, then placing a load of #8 shot into it on the sporting clays range.

via: Peter Rojas/Engadget


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