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17 Siegefall Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up Faster



Learn the most important Siegefall tips and tricks to level up your Keep faster, unlock new soldiers, attack smarter and build a better base. We’ll show you how to get free Siegefall gems by playing smart, and teach you what you need to know about Siegefall hacks and cheats.

Siegefall is a new strategy game where you raid other players and complete quests to gain resources and build a bigger and better base to protect your resources. Although similar in some aspects to Clash of Clans, this is a unique game with Heroes and a card based system to turn the tide of a battle. Here is a short overview of the game.

Siegefall is free to play on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone and a Windows 8 version is coming soon. Although it is free to download and free to play the game includes many in-app purchases up to $99, for gems that can speed up buildings and replace resources. Use our Siegefall tips to play better and level up faster without spending any real money.

The Siegefall tips and tricks that you need to know to level up faster and essential information about Siegefall cheats and hacks.

The Siegefall tips and tricks that you need to know to level up faster and essential information about Siegefall cheats and hacks.

There are many Siegefall strategies that work, but the combination of tips and play style below will help you start and upgrade faster than the average player, even without buying gems.

Here are the Siegefall tips you need to level up faster with an upgraded Keep, better soldiers, new Heroes with more power and how to protect your base from other players.

Complete the Story Mode

Complete the Siegefall story mode for new Heroes.

Complete the Siegefall story mode for new Heroes.

Soon after you start playing you can attack other players in raids that allow you to earn rewards and to take out opponents who are real people, but don’t forget the story mode.

Playing the Siegefall story mode unlocks heroes that will help you as you attack in later story mode missions and as you attack tougher bases from players who leveled up quicker than you.

After you unlock other Siegefall Heroes you can summon them at the altar near where you manage your troops.

Free Siegefall Gems

How to earn free Siegefall gems.

How to earn free Siegefall gems.

You don’t need to buy Siegefall gems to speed up buildings and make up for resources. Instead look for every opportunity to get free Siegefall gems. When you start off these will help you upgrade faster by completing needed buildings instantly, upgrading troops and structures faster and even making up for missing resources.

  • Daily Rewards – When you log in each day look for daily rewards that offer gems and other resources.
  • Treasure Chests – On the map near your base you’ll find random treasure chests with free Siegefall gems.
  • Connect to Facebook and Game Center – Earn 100 free Siegefall gems for connecting to these services.
  • Complete Tasks – Tap on the small scroll in the upper left corner to see a to-do list of tasks that unlock free Siegefall gems.
  • Level Up – When you level up by taking care of the basics and following our other tips you’ll earn more Siegefall gems as well.

If you use your gems wisely and focus on the checklist presented you can earn a lot of gems without buying them and upgrade faster.

Defend Your Siegefall Base

Eventually other players will try to raid your base to steal your wood and gold. If they are successful you lose resources and you also end up with the need to rebuild key components of your base.


Build a good wall that spans the length of your base, but remember that heroes and trolls can make short work of a wall. Place your archers, mortars, barricades and tar pits to funnel the enemy into range of more defenses.

Setup your base for a great defense.

Setup your base for a great defense.


You can also upgrade your defensive weapons through tapping and upgrading or through the Workshop. Do not make the mistake of thinking this is all about a good offense. Once available add an outpost to keep defenders on hand to battle attackers.

Fodder & Distractions

Keep easy to replace buildings near the front of your base so that attacking soldiers go to these first and keep some defenders in range to take out these soldiers who are wasting time attacking the structures that can’t fight back.

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