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Sierra and Splotch on Vacation



Splotch on vacation Splotch and I just got back from a lovely time in Mexico. That little guy really gets down with the traveling! We had a lovely time traipsing around Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas together.

Aas for the gear I took, on this trip I stuck with what are, for me, necessities and left some gear at home. Here’s what I had in my gear bag:

  • Fujitsu P1610: The P1610 is a great little traveling computer, but I’m still longing for my own OQO. Even smaller and more portable and easier to pack. Given the fact that I’ll never go on vacation without a computer, even for a weekend, the OQO seems like a good safety net.
  • AT&T 8525 cell phone syncing email from GottaBeMobile, personal, and work. My 8525 phone is the "old reliable". Sure, I’d love to upgrade to the Tilt, but work is providing this, so I use what they give me. As sexy as the iPhone is, that won’t work for me. I’ve tried to shoe-horn my usage models into its available capabilities, and I just want more than it offers, mostly for advanced email. And it has to be a global phone, which knocks off anything non-UMTS.
  • Amazon Kindle: I’m still deciding if Rob gets it back. :-)  And just wait until he sees how his Kindle spent Christmas Day.
  • Sony Reader – first generation model I’ve owned for a while, to compare to the Kindle. I still like this reader.
  • Apple iPod Nano – in Hot Pink of course. Gotta have my tunes. The new Touch does look interesting…
  • My old and trusty Casio Exilim Ex-Z4 camera. This needs replaced. Badly. I’m eying the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX55P. My husband has a Lumix that he loves. He’s an optical engineer, so he’s fussy about having a good lens and the Leica lenses they use in the Lumix line are quite good.
  • plus the power cables / docks for all of the above, of course

So was I happy with what I took? Moderately, yes, but I still need (expensive) improvements. In addition to the OQO, new camera, new phone, and the Kindle, I need a better power supply situation. The iGo everywhere85 looks like a good possibility for me, particularly if I combine it with the Monster Outlets to Go portable power strip. If I get the power cable tangle under control, it will help a bunch, but then I’ll start noticing that I really need a 3G connection for my computer, probably through USB since I swap around a lot. I spent far too long in the lobby of a hotel in San Diego trying to get the free wireless to connect properly. It never did, so I’m grateful I had iPass to allow me to connect for free through the coffee shop.

I leave for CES on Saturday morning.  As Rob mentioned earlier, OQO is sponsoring us for CES, so I know I’ll have access to an OQO Model 2 with EV-DO during the event and I’m THRILLED with that opportunity to try out what I think may be my next computer purchase. Unfortunately, little else will probably improve in my gear bag until then, but I’m hoping to find lots of new goodies at CES to fill up my bag for the next trip!

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