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Sierra starts a blog and posts a review



For those longtime folks out there, you are pretty familiar with Sierra Modro. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Sierra on several occassions over the past couple of years. When I saw her at the Microsoft Mobility Partners conference in February, her use of the LS800 Tablet PC really caught my eye and eventually my pocket book.

It is really good to see Sierra start her own blog ( Mobile Musings ) and launch it with a nice review of a carrying case for the LS800. Great job, Sierra. I look forward to more articles from you.

Here is Sierra’s bio from her blog and an interesting entry from her first post :

One peculiarity you may see in my blog because of my Tablet.  I will handwrite all of my entries, not type, the same way I write all of my emails, so you may see some interesting handwriting conversions here and there. I have repetitive stress injuries that limit my typing which is one way I got into Tablets.

I certainly hope people will not only read this blog but also participate. Ask me questions! I’ve been in mobile professionally for a few years and as an enthusiast for about 15 years.  Remember the HP 95LX? It hooked me and I’ve been chasing the mobile dream ever since.


I’ve spent the last 15 years in computers, either programming, debugging, validating, porting, or, most recently, evangelizing the use of computers. My passion is in mobile computing. I firmly believe that computers are changing the way we live our lives and I want to do what I can to make that a change for the better.

Other than computers, I have a lovely husband of nearly 3 years who sometimes thinks I’m a strange techie. We have a wonderful home theater for which I spend lots of time researching upgrades and a MINI Cooper for which I also spends lots of time researching upgrades.


Tablet PCs, mobile computing, UMPCs, snazzy gadgets, home theater, MINI Cooper, reading 18-19th century British literature

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