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Sierra’s Tearing Up HP and Berlin



Hptx2500Keep your eyes peeled and your ears cocked here at GBM for news on what HP is rolling out in Berlin today. Sierra’s got some great video, audio, and photos in the can on HP’s tx2500 (the successor to the tx2000 series), the Voodoo, and the HP TouchSmart coming. She’s also having some fun interviewing some of the HP honchos there and from what I’m hearing she’s got some great info to share.

As a side note on this, we are trying an experiment. The GBM Team is using Microsoft’s Live Mesh to move some data back and forth. As Sierra captures video and audio, she’ll dump them into a Live Mesh folder and those of us on this side of the pond will free her up for more reporting by uploading that content for her to prepare to post later. We’ll report on how well that works as we go along.


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