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Signal RP One Xbox-Style iOS Controller Joins the Herd



If you think we wouldn’t go all week here at CES without seeing new iOS gaming controller, you’d be very wrong. We’ve already seen one from SteelSeries, which was the first Bluetooth iOS 7 gamepad we’ve seen, but Signal is the second company to introduce such a product.

The Signal RP One is an Xbox-style iOS 7 gaming controller that connects to an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch via Bluetooth. We say “Xbox-style” because it looks almost identical to an Xbox 360 controller, save for the placement of some of the buttons; the D-pad and the left joystick are switched, with the D-pad up top and the both of the joysticks toward the bottom in order to comply with the MFi (Made for iPhone) guidelines.

Signal RP One

The RP One includes a universal stand for your iOS device so that you can keep it propped up during your mobile marathon gaming sessions, which you can game on for a good ten hours before you’ll need to recharge the controller.

The controller does look a lot larger than the SteelSeries Stratus that we covered earlier, but seeing as how there’s only a render to go by and not an actual unit yet, we’re not sure exactly how big this thing really is.

In any case,  the Signal RP One will be priced at $99, which is the same price as all the other iOS controllers we’ve seen so far, including the Stratus, Logitech PowerShell and the Moga Ace Power. The RP One is expected to launch at some point during the first half of this year.

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