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I love the kind of articles where folks talk about how the use of Tablet PCs and software has changed how they work for the better.

Take a look at this one from Thompson, where he talks about signing documents that are emailed to him. I remember the days of the transparent GIF, do you?  I wonder what Thompson uses to sign his documents? Word, PDF Annotator, OneNote, Journal? What do you use?

Every so often I have to sign some paperwork or other. What often happens is that someone sends me a Word (or PDF) document with a request that I print it out, sign it and FAX it back. With my handy dandy Tablet PC I can skip the print it out stage and email the document back with a signature on it. I just sign the document with the stylus. I generally even make the color of the ink blue so that ig they print the document out it looks like a live ink signature. And why not? Isn’t that what it is it?

Before I had my own Tablet I had a transparent GIF file of my signature that I used to use. I scanned a real signature and saved the image to insert in documents when I had to “sign” something. I think the Tablet PC is the way to go though.


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