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Silent Time Pro for Android – Don’t Let Wrong Numbers and Notifications Wake You



I have been using my Samsung Galaxy Nexus as my alarm clock lately but there has been some major late night drama in my bedroom. I sleep like a bear, nothing wakes me up, not even severe weather. My wife is a different story, she will wake up if a feather pops out of my pillow and hits the ground. You can see where this is going, right?

My phone has all sorts of audio notifications popping up all hours of the day, Twitter, Facebook, Words with Friends, text messages, email, etc. Some nights, I was getting lucky and either none of them occurred or she made it through somehow. Well, that’s not working every night. I’ve gotten a wrong number at 3am recently, emails from companies running late night mailings, and more. I have to do something to keep the peace.

  • I could leave the phone in my office but then I won’t hear the alarm.
  • I could silence the notifications each night but that’s too much work and I might forget.

It would be nice if Google added a feature into Android that let us set silent time, but they didn’t.

I tried several apps and found Silent Time Pro.

Silence your phone automatically based on your weekly schedule with Silent Time!

Uncheck and recheck events to fix some issues. Please email me any other problems.

Silent Time automatically silences your phone based on your weekly schedule. You can also add exceptions to let important callers through.


Create an event, set the start and finish time and applicable days and you are all set. It’s that simple. When the time starts, you get an alert and an icon gets thrown into your icon bar. Now your phone is completely silenced for the duration.


The only way to get anything through to your phone during the event time frame is to set exceptions. These exceptions are just for callers though. When you add an exception, your address book pops up and you can select individuals that you will accept calls from during this period. You can set the exception for an individual event or all events.

This app works as advertised and does a great job. I have been using it for a week now. It works on ICS and older versions of Android.

The only complaint I have about the app is that there isn’t a way to temporarily disable the event. I was at work at 2am recently and had to delete my event to have my phone work during the time where I am normally asleep.

Silent Time Pro is $1.99 at the Google Play Store. There is also a lite version, but for $1.99, it’s worth tipping the developer.



  1. BroadbandBlogger

    04/09/2012 at 12:04 am

     This is a good application. Android users wold like this post.Windows, Mac and Android provide us better gadgets that make our lives easy. Hope that when these tree provider have build apps for smartphone, will satisfy our pleasure and needs.

  2. One time commenter

    04/09/2012 at 5:40 am

    Timeriffic has been doing most of this for years.

  3. Trablyn

    04/09/2012 at 6:08 am

    I live in Florida, and want to use the emergency alerts to get warnings for hurricanes and tornados.   Is there a way to let these through?

  4. Rustedfenders

    04/09/2012 at 6:10 am

    Shhh auto silencer is just as good.

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