Silver and Gold iPhone 5s Release Stock Mainly Limited to Apple Stores
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Silver and Gold iPhone 5s Release Stock Mainly Limited to Apple Stores



If you want to buy a a silver or gold iPhone 5s on release date you better plan on going to an Apple Store, where lines are already forming because it doesn’t look like carriers, Best Buy or Radio Shack will have many or any of the new gold iPhone 5s or of the white and silver iPhone 5s models in stock.

It is typically harder to find a white iPhone on release day, but this year it looks especially bad for anyone who wants one of the brighter iPhone 5s color options.

Some Apple Stores in Australia reportedly don’t have any of the gold iPhone 5s models in stock, and when it comes to buying a Gold iPhone 5s in the U.S. it’s going to be tough as well.


UPDATE: Gold iPhone 5s Sold Out Online Until October

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It may be very hard to buy a gold ipHone 5s on release day.

We are already expecting a very low supply of the iPhone 5s in stock at Apple Stores and carrier locations, and it looks like space gray is going to be the only real option available to most consumers.

Gotta Be Mobile checked with multiple carrier locations who at this point do not have any gold iPhone 5s units to sell, and one only has a few silver models available.

9to5Mac’s latest report paints a grim picture for buyers who want a silver or gold iPhone 5s on Friday,

“Every carrier source we’ve talked to and every US retail outlet we’ve heard from has told us that they are only getting in Space Grey iPhone 5s devices for sale. That’s not to say some stock might arrive late tonight and throughout the day tomorrow.”

If an Apple Store is too far away for an iPhone 5s release date pickup, ordering online is going to be the best option for users who don’t want to compromise on the iPhone 5s color they will carry for the next two-years.

Apple could sell six to eight million new iPhones this weekend according to sales estimates, but at least one respected analyst believes the iPhone 5s will only make up a third of that number, which is 50% less than the number of new iPhone 5 units sold during opening weekend in 2012.

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Apple is putting a big push behind the iPhone 5c, a cheaper plastic iPhone that delivers many of the iPhone 5 features in a colorful plastic shell. The iPhone 5c does not feature the improved camera or fingerprint sensor which are flagship iPhone 5s features.

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1 Comment

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    09/19/2013 at 10:12 pm

    My Uncle Tyler got Hyundai by working part time off of a macbook. have a peek at these guys…

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