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SimCity For Mac Delayed To August



While the developer is still working to fix SimCity for PC, today EA and Maxis announced that SimCity for Mac won’t arrive in Origin until sometime in August.

EA originally announced the Mac version of SimCity for release on June 11, but the game isn’t “ready for primetime yet,” according to the developers. The team wants to make sure the Mac version of the game is working perfectly, or as perfectly as the much maligned game can run, before release.


EA and Maxis continue to improve the state of PC version of SimCity. The game suffered from many issues shortly after release. The servers for the game couldn’t handle the number of players during the first few days, which resulted in queues to get online and play. The servers also lost progress for many gamers after they got in and were later booted from their game.

To appease Mac fans of SimCity Maxis will extend the availability of the Launch Park that came out as part of Update 4. The park lets players release a “llama balloon” over their city.

In “a couple of weeks” Update 5 will come to the PC version of SimCity. The fifth major update to the game will make a few changes to the game’s multiplayer and multi-city play. The update will make it easier for gamers to find the regions their friends are in so they can join and make it easier to communicate with other people in the region.

Other new features include the ability to control which resources the player’s city will trade with other in the region, new Historic Price charts for Global Market resources, new regional missions and a new regional achievement. Of course, it also fixes a few bugs and makes some other minor improvements

The team behind SimCity is already working hard on Update 6, which will focus on RCI improvements the community suggested to the team.

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