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Simple Software Tweak Enhances Battery Life on HTC One X Flagship



HTC’s quad-core One X flagship Android smartphone–coming to the U.S. with dual-core Snapdragon S4 chipsets instead–is arguably one of the best Android smartphones available today. However, early adopters of the HTC One X notices that the device has a short-lived battery life, requiring users to plug in far more frequent than they’d like. As the HTC One X does not have a removable battery, this presents a challenge for pro-users who may want to carry a spare charged battery when they’re away from a charging outlet for a prolonged duration. Fortunately, though, a quick software tweak will help many users extend their battery life by 10 to 20 percent.

According to Talk Android, XDA-Developers hacker mike1986 has found that a misplaced file had caused the inadvertent quick battery drain. Users can locate the NvCPLSvc.apk file placed within the /system/bin directory and move it to the /system/app directory. In addition to relocating the file, users will also need to change the file permissions.

It’s unclear if HTC will rectify the file placement in a future software update, but it seems like a simple enough fix right now to squeeze out a little bit more power out of your One X’s battery.

In addition to shortened battery life, the HTC One X was also reported to suffer a death grip issue that caused the screen to flex.

If you’re a One X owner, have you noticed sub-par battery life out of HTC’s Ice Cream Sandwich flagship Android phone? Are you willing to perform this simple hack, and if so has your battery life improved much?


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1 Comment

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