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Simplified Electronics Recycling



image Everyone has something – that old whachamadoojit sitting in the corner collecting dust that you haven’t turned on in over a year. Personally, I have, um, lots of those. Until now, getting those things to a qualified recycler was some combination of difficult and expensive. Not very enticing.

Celebrating Earth Day this year, I found, an electronics recycling site that collects old cell phones, laptops, flat panel monitors, and PC systems. The shipping is free and some devices qualify for a “reward”, aka a payment for the devices you just sent them. It appears to depend on how old the thing is, but some things can actually get you some cash. For instance, an old laptop of mine that is collecting dust could get me a $49 Visa gift card. 

If you have stuff laying around and you want to be environmentally responsible and recycle it, try out I haven’t tried it yet, but frankly, given the ease with which I can use the site, I’m tempted to send in a few things.

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