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Sinister Controller Takes From Motorola Ara Playbook, Wins



Someday users will have the option to simply replace parts of their gaming mouse. At least, they will if Tivitas’ Sinister controller makes it’s way to store shelves and catches on with users.

Shown off at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the Sinister isn’t necessarily a gaming mouse. Instead, it’s a mass of parts that can be customized with different buttons and triggers. Rather than act as a replacement for a user’s mouse entirely, the Sinister is something of an exoskeleton.

Users simply pop up parts of the device they don’t like. For example, users who prefer a directional-pad could simply purchase one and snap it into the exoskeleton.

The Sinister gaming controller from Tivitas.

The Sinister gaming controller from Tivitas.

Users will need to fit the device around their existing mouse. Tivitas says that the device offers “a full gamepad experience with the familiarity and the precision of a mouse.” It also considers the device a perfect replacement for dedicated gaming mice and we’d agree after spending a few moments moving around in an in-game environment and getting a feel for the Sinister’s polymer-based feedback technology.

Unfortunately, the Sinister Hybrid Controller isn’t yet ready for prime time. While Tivitas did have a prototype available at the show, the company was careful to note that the hardware we were interacting with wasn’t final. As such, pricing remains a mystery. The company also indicated that Sinister could be finalized by the time Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo take the stage at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in June.

Game developers won’t need to program specifically for the Sinister controller, instead it’ll work with every PC game that support’s Microsoft’s Xbox 360 controller already.


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