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Siri As Unintended Stress Relief



Well now. Today has been one of those days at the office. We had a major internal communications foul up (not technology related, but human related) that has left me with a bucket load of biological waste to clean up. So much for excrement rolling down hill.

Anyway, it was one of those foul-ups on top of other things that had me needing to take a break and walk away from it all to calm down. I was steaming mad. On my little walk I decided to make a phone call to one of the participants in the mess. I pulled out the iPhone and in the process I accidentally activated Siri.

I heard the little ding that Siri is ready and I screamed out a two word expletive describing a human action designed for procreation that is anatomically impossible with only one human being present.

The response from Siri came back as you see in the photo.

I have to say the unintended stress relief was more than welcome. I laughed my butt off all the way back to the office to clean up the mess.

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