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Siri Attempts to Diffuse Marital Argument



Siri can do a lot of things, but it can’t diffuse a tense standoff between husband and wife. Apple’s focusing on Siri in its initial round of iPhone 4S advertisements and  they’re just begging to be made fun of.

Using Siri to make appointments or search the web in public, as Apple suggests, draws strange looks, especially when Siri isn’t working. But if you really want to throw people for a loop you can argue with your significant other via Siri.

College Humor put together a parody of  one of Apple’s Siri commercials, which you can watch above. A word of caution – there is a bit of swearing in parts of the video, so plug in your headphones if you’re at work.

Siri has its own sens of humor. Check out our list of unexpected things Siri says and can help you with.

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