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Siri Can Now Help You Shop at Best Buy



Have you ever wanted Siri to help you shop for your loved ones? Well, it appears that that day has arrived as the personal assistant, found on Apple’s iPhone 4S, can now help you find products and deals at Best Buy. In fact, you can now browse the retailer’s entire product catalog which boasts somewhere around 35,000 products. Yeah, this is pretty handy.

Wolfram Research announced the development yesterday as its the company’s Wolfram Alpha that powers the answers that Siri delivers.

Questions posed to Siri can be as simple as asking about televisions that are bigger or smaller than a certain size to more absurd questions like finding blu-ray players that are smaller than a certain dimension and under $100 bucks.


You can even search for things as absurd as dishwashers narrower than 25 inches.

The sky is the limit it seems.

You’re also able to head to Best Buy’s website to purchase any items you search for, all through Siri.

Via: 9to5Mac

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