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Siri Doesn’t Want to Be Your Valentine, Points to Lonely Local Prisoners



If you are feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day, you might be tempted to ask Siri to be your valentine, she is after all eager to help you plan a date.

While Raj from The Big Bang Theory may be tempted to take Siri out on a date for Valentine’s Day, I wanted to find out what happens when you ask Siri to be your Valentine.

Instead of asking myself, I asked my mother in law to ask Siri to be her Valentine.

While Siri wouldn’t be her Valentine, Apple’s virtual assistant did offer to help her find a Valentine at an unusual location.

In the video below, you’ll hear my mother in law’s hilarious conversation with Siri, adamant that she be her Valentine, or at least her sweetheart for Valentine’s Day. Siri never gives in to her repeated requests, but she finally offers to help her find a correctional institution nearby.

Siri ValentineI wouldn’t suggest taking Siri’s advice and spark up a relationship with a prisoner this Valentine’s Day, and Siri won’t be your Valentine, but you can use Siri to help you find a Valentine or plan a perfect Valentine’s Day date.

How Siri can help you plan a Valentine’s Day date.

  • Find a flower shop.
  • Fund a great Italian restaurant
  • Book a hotel
  • Play a Valentine’s Day playlist.
  • Send your boss a text saying you’re sick on Wednesday.

If you need a date for Valentine’s Day try asking Siri to,

  • Find a local matchmaker
  • Send a text to your old flame.
  • Find a local bar to find a date.
  • Schedule an evening out with friends who are avoiding Valentine’s day.

And no, this wasn’t on a jailbroken iPhone 4S.



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