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Siri Now Talking to Apple From iPhone 4, Needs iPhone 4S Jailbreak



Siri, the iPhone 4S exclusive personal assistant has made the jump to other devices.

We first saw Siri ported to the iPhone 4 just a day after the iPhone 4S release, but it couldn’t talk to the Apple servers, which rendered it speechless.It turns out,  the developer Steven Troughton-Smith just needed one more part to get the hack working — but the catch was it could only be found on a jailbroken iPhone 4S.

Now that we have seen an iPhone 4S jailbreak, Troughton-Smith had the part he needed to get Siri running on the iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPad. As you can see in this video below, the iPod Touch is communicating with Apple’s servers, giving the owner a full working Siri port.

Don’t go looking for Siri on Cydia just yet. The process is currently 20 steps, and according to an interview, it requires files that he cannot distribute.

Siri on the iPod Touch

Siri on the iPod Touch

If you are still interested in the public release, stay tuned. Troughton-Smith says that he will post the full notes on how he performed this feat once an iPhone 4S jailbreak drops.

Of course, Apple doesn’t want you running Siri on the iPhone 4, but it may not take action to stop this, aside from the usual jailbreak cat and mouse game.

We won’t see a general release of Siri on the iPhone 4, iPad and iPod touch until after the iPhone 4S jailbreak is made public. We learned last week that the iPhone 4S jailbreak had been accomplished, but it was still far from ready for a public release.

Stay tuned for more news on Siri and on the iPhone 4S jailbreak news. hopefully we will have it before the year is out.

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1 Comment

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    10/31/2011 at 7:35 am

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