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Siri to Provide Sports Scores, Stats and Standings



Thanks to the updates to Siri announced at WWDC 2012, users will soon be able to keep track of sports scores, stats and more. The new features work with major sports, allowing iOS users to instantly get information about live games and players.

Let’s say you’re a Green Bay Packers fan and you want to know when your team will play the 49ers. Ask Siri to display the schedule or just ask when they play the the 49ers. Siri will return either result.

apple sports information

After a game is over, Siri will break down games. For example, baseball games will be broken down inning by inning.

In addition to general team information like scores and schedules you can search for individual player stats. This will make Fantasy Baseball players cheer. You can ask what your player’s batting average is and it will show you. Get other stats too as well as pertinent details like which NBA player is taller. Apple gave an example in the keynote comparing LeBron James and Kobe Bryant showing that “LeBron appears to be slightly taller.”

If you want to track an entire league, ask Siri, “What are the National League standings?” It will give you the list right within Siri.

You can get other details about Siri and all the Apple news from WWDC 2012.

Siri is Apple’s iPhone and iPad voice assistant feature that Apple markets heavily in its television commercials. Apple announced several new Siri features at WWDC 2012, including  the ability to launch apps by voice.

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