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Skura announces SFX Viewer



Skura Corporation has announced the availability of a tablet pc application targeted at the pharmaceutical sales industry: SFX Viewer. Here is a snippet from their product page, and a link to their press release. This appears to be a product that integrates into Siebel.

SFX Viewer is a tool that allows your sales force to leverage all of the information in their CRM application to deliver an optimal physician call using a tablet PC. Message level detail about the call is tracked by SFX Viewer and returned to head office. Product Managers then have the opportunity to measure message impact and make adjustments to the electronic detail aids accordingly. All of the changes are delivered directly to your sales force through SFX Viewer. Each physician segment will receive a unique message allowing for true Closed Loop 1 to 1 Marketing.

What I found interesting in their press release is how they are marketing this app with the tablet pc:

It is the combination of the relatively large viewing screen of the tablet, the doctor being able to take the stylus and do the navigating, and a more flowing presentation including video clips that makes it more appealing.

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