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Skype 2.5 App Update Adds 14 More Android Devices and New Features



Skype announced recently that they’ve updated their Android app to work on 14 more devices and improved the overall experience. Good news for the Skype faithful, especially if you have a Galaxy Tab 10.1, Motorola Atrix, HTC Evo 3D and several other devices. There are now 41 Android tablets and phones in total with Skype video calling capabilities. The whole list is on their blog.

Another great new enhancement: Ads! Yep, if you’re not a Premium subscriber or don’t have any Skype credit, you get to see ads. Everyone loves that.

skype mobile update

Other more welcome enhancements include the ability to chat with the device in portrait or landscape. This is particularly nice since the front facing camera isn’t always in the same place. On some devices it’s positioned to work best in one orientation or the other.

Skype also claims they improved support for Bluetooth headsets, something I was surprised to find didn’t work well out of the gate.

With these new certified devices, will you take advantage of all Skype has to offer, or stick with ooVoo, Google Talk, Fring, or one of the other video chat services?

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