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Skype Offers Free International Calling On Selected Weekends



SkypeI find myself using Skype more and more, as more of my contacts begin doing so, especially in light of the fact that you can make free domestic calls from now until the end of the year. Well, Skype has turned up the heat in the VOIP wars with a summer special for International callers. The “Skype Days of Summer” promotion allows US users to call the UK, Mexico, and Japan for the next three weekends in July absolutely free.

JajahProbably a good thing has another company is starting to put a little pressure on Skype in the VOIP wars. JaJah actually uses the Internet and your land line for its service. Here’s a link to the Jajah site and a link to some more info. I’ve never tried this service, so it would be interesting to hear from anyone who does.

On another note, I’m curious as to how many folks use Skype on their Tablet PCs or UMPC/Origami devices. To me it is a natural. Leave a comment if you do and what your expereinces have been.

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