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SlateSHIELD iPad Case Review: Rotatable Kickstand and Hand Grip



The SlateSHIELD all-in-one iPad case is easily one of the best iPad cases I’ve used and the only new iPad case I’ll use in the classroom this fall.

The SlateSHIELD combines the kickstand I love on the ZeroChrome iPad case with the handle from the Belkin Grip 360 into a slim and sturdy package that offers a case for work and play.

Normally cases that try to server multiple purposes fall short in some manner, or add too much bulk, but I’m impressed with the design and build quality of the SlateSHIELD.

The $55 price is higher than many entry-level cases, but it’s worth it thanks to the multiple ways this case fits iPad users.

SlateSHIELD Review - kickstand andle

The rear of the SlateSHIELD houses a rotating disk that includes a kickstand and an adjustable hand grip. This is similar to the ZeroChroma case, but it does not lock into position at each quarter turn. This allows me to rotate the handle to just the right angle while holding it, but can make lining up the kickstand annoying.

SlateSHIELD Review - standing up

The kickstand allows users to place the iPad in portrait mode for reading long documents or magazines and video chatting. The stand is sturdy even in this taller mode. The stand also rotates to prop the iPad up in landscape mode for watching movies or typing with a bluetooth keyboard.

SlateSHIELD Review - kickstand front

Users who like to type on the iPad will also enjoy flipping the case over to use it at a comfortable typing angle. When in typing mode the case is surprisingly sturdy, offering a good on-screen typing experience.

When it comes time to present, just pull the handle up and slide a hand in to take the iPad around the classroom or to the sidelines. The grip uses velcro to secure it in place, which allows for a tighter or looser fit. I have no trouble finding a nice fit where I could walk around without worrying about the iPad slipping off my hand.

SlateSHIELD Review - Holding

This mode is perfect for teachers and presenters as well as coaches and anyone using the iPad out in the field.

The case provides easy access to all the ports and protects most of the iPad. The top of the case is pretty wide open, and the iPad is held in with a small but strong elastic band.

SlateSHIELD Review - grip rear

The case performs great in all these modes, and is slim enough to take anywhere. There is no front protection, but I’m OK with that considering all the activities the SlateSHIELD is ready for.

Here’s a video from SlateSHIELD showing off the case.

Buy the SlateSHIELD from PPCTechs for $54.95. The SlateSHIELD is available for the new iPad, iPad 2 and the iPad 1.

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