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Sleep Number it Bed Promises Better Sleep With Tech



The Sleep Number it Bed promises to deliver better sleep by tracking and quantifying your sleep habits and helping you change and break bad habits. Combined with new active comfort technology that allows two users to control the Sleep Number for a more comfortable sleep and connects to your cloud services.

You may already know your Sleep Number, but with the new it Bed, you can track and make changes for better sleep using other connected services and your smartphone.

Sleep Number announced the it Bed at CES 2016, where we are seeing a continued uptick in connected devices that can help you live healthier and smarter at home. Sleep tracking apps, devices and accessories are part of a new connected and quantified life, and unlike some trackers, the it Bed does not require users wear anything.

The Sleep Number it Bed tracks your sleep and offers suggestions for better sleep.

The Sleep Number it Bed tracks your sleep and offers suggestions for better sleep.

On your smartphone the Sleep Number app can let you know that you have a busy day coming up and remind you to go to bed early.

While you lay on the it Bed, the sensors can track your heart rate, without the need to wear a band or other item. Through the night the sensors will also track your movement and breathing.

After tracking this information the Sleep Number app can help you change your Sleep Number to find a more comfortable setting to sleep in and more rest.

The Sleep Number option is part of other beds from this company, that allow users to change the firmness, comfort and support of the bed. The it Bed can suggest a new Sleep Number based on your activities for the day and your sleep patterns.

With the it Bed users can connect to other cloud services that factor in weather, meetings and other factors.

The it Bed starts at $1,000 and is coming in Summer 2016. You need a platform base, to use this bed. Users will order online and Sleep Number ships direct to your door. The bed is available in the following six sizes.

  1. Eastern King / Split King (76″ x 80″)
  2. California King (72″ x 84″)
  3. Queen (60″ x 80″)
  4. Full / Double (54″ x 75″)
  5. Twin (38″ x 75″)
  6. Twin Extra-Long (38″ x 80″)

Sleep Number offers a worry free trial of the bed so that users can test this out on their own.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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