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Slice Mobile Tracks Your Holiday Purchases and Deliveries



Slice is a free online service that connects with your email to automatically track and organize your receipts and deliveries. Now, in time for the holiday shopping blitz, Slice is delivering an iPhone app that brings the purchase and delivery tracking power to your iPhone.

The new Slice Mobile app is available in the iTunes app store today, and connects up with your Slice account to track all of your package and keep your receipts handy. I’ve been using the Slice Mobile app for the past few days, and have become a huge fan of the service and the app.

Even if you don’t have an iPhone, you need to go sign up for Slice. The service currently connects to Yahoo and Gmail accounts, but should be coming in the near future to other emails. After allowing the site to connect to your email, it will scan through all of your online purchases to deliver a breakdown of your online shopping.

Slice Mobile

Slice Mobile Identifies purchases in your inbox.

It’s a bit mesmerizing to see the results, and you may be as surprised as I was to see how much I have spent online, and in iTunes, over the past several years. Slice makes it easy to track your receipts down and identify where you are spending money and what you have bought. On top of holiday shopping, I plan to use this to track down all of my online purchases for work when it comes to tax time in 2012.

The new Slice Mobile app puts the same results in your hand while you are on the go. Scott Brady, CEO of Slice describes the app as a, “Free simple elegant tool for consumers to manage all their purchases in a single location.” and I have to agree. I tested the app out this week by ordering Modern Warfare 3 from The app identified my order quickly and pulled it into the ordered section. A few hours later I received an alert that it was moved to on the way, and not too much later got a notification that the delivery date had been moved up a day.

Slice Mobile for iPhone

Slice Mobile tracks your packages and pushes notifications for deliveries.

While you are waiting on a purchase, you can track it via the UPS number or Fedex number without the need to look through old emails or enter the number in another app by hand. The app gives you the phone numbers for customer service, and for shippers so you can call for help if something goes wrong with a present.

The app comes out of Brady’s difficulty in tracking packages of presents to friends and family last year, which involved a spreadsheet (and from his tone some frustration). With the app, you don’t need to do anything but sign up, and you’ll be good to go. You can see some examples of the Slice Mobile app in use in the video below, but I’m sure you’ll find your own this holiday season.

To sing up for the service, visit, which is free and works without an iPhone or iPad.


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