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SlingShot Steadicam Tripod for iPhone Review



The SlingShot tripod for the iPhone and other smartphones works as both a tripod and a video stabilizer or steadicam of sorts.

The device gets its name from the design looking like a slingshot with the iPhone sliding into the part that would hold a rubber band if it really where a slingshot. The handle includes a set of popout legs to turn it into a tripod for use in iPhone photography or to hold the iPhone while watching video or viewing other content.

Taking steady video with an iPhone is a challenge. Holding the iPhone by hand doesn’t work as well as using something like the SlingShot. The videographer or photographer can get a firm grip on the phone and steady the shot much easier with the SlingShot than using the phone by itself.

slingshot holding iphone 5

The holder fits the iPhone 4S and older perfectly. It works with the iPhone 5, but not as well since the iPhone 5 in landscape mode is wider than the iPhone 4S or older. Other smartphones that measure the same width as the iPhone 5 or smaller will work. The iPad mini even fits in portrait mode, but don’t bump it or jostle the table at all since it’s a little wobbly with all that weight.

slingshot holding iphone 5 front

The grip of the SlingShot screws onto the phone holder using a standard tripod screw which means cameras can screw onto the grip. Stick with a point and shoot camera or small video camera. A large DSLR or video camera will put too much weight on the SlingShot handle. The The Glif connected and it worked well too.

SlingShot no phone

The SlingShot uses a typical threaded tripod mount

The ball joint head swivels around wither using the included SlingShot phone holder or screwing the handle directly to a point and shoot camera. It swivels around but still holds its position well.

slingshot handheld

The SlingShot helps the iPhone photographer get steadier pictures and video

At only $19.99 from the device doesn’t set the user back much and it’s well worth the cost for a simple to use accessory.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Walter

    12/03/2012 at 12:38 pm

    I invested in the Slingshot mainly because I needed a tripod mount for a cased iPhone, for which it serves admirably. Most tripod mounts require a naked iPhone. I mount it to a tabletop tripod or even a regular tripod. You didn’t mention that aspect. The handle/tripod included with the Slingshot is a convenience, but not as stable as a tabletop tripod.

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