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Small and Thin Might End Up in the Trashbin



0269-0609-0413-4804_SMWe’ve heard stories already about the MacBook Air confounding TSA officials at airport security gates and delaying passengers. Now comes a story form Steven Levy at Newsweek that he seems to have lost his Air. And he thinks it was thrown out with the trash. I’m sure other owners of small devices (especially handhelds) have had that sinking feeling when you can’t locate your device and in a panic can’t remember the last time you picked it up or laid it down. I know I have. But, I’ve never quite had that sinking sensation with a laptop.

I’m guessing someone is going to come up with some sort of “clapper” like contraption for small devices soon, so we can locate our missing devices one day. But then that might require a dongle. Which I’m sure would get lost just as easily.

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