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Sources Confirm Smaller iPhone 5 Dock Connector



iPhone rumors and leaked parts have shown off a new smaller iPhone dock connector which many believe will make its debut when the iPhone 5 is released this fall.

The smaller iPhone 5 dock connector reportedly uses 19-pins instead of 30, and marks a major shift for Apple, which has used the standard 30-pin dock connector since th third generation iPod.

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According to TechCrunch’s sources deep inside Apple’s global supply chain, verified that Apple is planning to change from a 30-pin dock connector to a smaller dock connector.

The move is likely aimed at saving space inside the iPhone, where millimeters matter. The iPhone 5 may be taller than the current iPhone with a larger display and a power-hungry 4G LTE connection. Apple may use the extra space saved here and with a thinner camera sensor for a larger battery.

iPhone 5 smaller dock connector confirmed

Multiples sources confirm Apple is changing the iPhone 5 dock connector.

The new MacBook Pro with Retina Display is the first Apple notebook to use a MagSafe 2 power adapter, a smaller charging connection which marks the first change in the MacBook charger in some time.

What This Means for Cases & Accessories

Users iPhone owners who are upgrading to the iPhone 5 may not be happy about the need to buy a new set of accessories and chargers, but the price for most of these items is minimal compared to the expected $199 iPhone 5 price.

There may well be some adapters, but unless designed like the CableJive dock connector, many docks and speaker systems will not be able to use an adapter because the dock connection is part of what supports the iPhone.

Cablejive dockxtender possible iPhone 5 dock adapter

iPhone accessory and case manufacturers are likely excited and frustrated by the prospect of a new dock connector on the iPhone 5.

On one hand, a new dock connector means new opportunities to sell cables, cases, speaker docks and adapters, but the prospect of profit comes at a cost.

Until Apple announces a new dock connector formally, manufacturers cannot complete designs and begin production, which means a delay between the iPhone 5 release date and new iPhone 5 accessories.

Manufacturers and users cannot be excited about the need to carry or support the 30-pin dock connector and the 19-pin dock connector for the iPad and the iPhone. It’s possible that the iPad Mini will arrive later this year with the new 19-pin dock connector, but it would be surprising to see a new iPad 10-inch model arrive before 2013.

iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup

Apple is expected to announce a new iPhone, which many are calling the iPhone 5, this fall. The iPhone 5 is Apple’s sixth iPhone. Analysts and leaks point to a new look for the iPhone 5 along with the new dock connector.

IPhone 5 rumors

Currently rumors suggest that the iPhone 5 will sport a taller 4-inch display. The iPhone has always used a 3.5-inch display, but as consumers warm to larger screens Apple may bhp the size of the iPhone 5 display up. Current rumors suggest the screen will be taller, but not taller and wider. This will give the display an aspect ratio similar to that found on a HDTV.

The new iPhone will most likely ship with 4G LTE connectivity for faster downloads and uploads on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and smaller carriers. The current iPhone has 3G connectivity, but Apple now offers a new iPad model with 4G LTE connectivity.

The CEO of Foxconn, the manufacturing plant where the iPhone 5 is made, says the iPhone 5 will blow away the Galaxy S III which is launching this month.

The video below shows what the iPhone 5 could look like based on leaked parts and schematics.

Stay tuned for the latest iPhone 5 news and rumors.

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