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CES 2015

Smart Bed for Kids Gets Rid of Every Possible Excuse for Not Sleeping



The Sleep Number SleepIQ Kids Bed aims to make bedtime less challenging for fussy sleepers and their parents. Introduced at CES 2015, the smart bed addresses just about every common excuse kids have for not sleeping. It’s packed with technology that helps kids get better sleep and tracks every detail of how they sleep to their parents via a smartphone app.


As with other Sleep Number beds, SkeepIQ Kids Bed owners can adjust the bed’s firmness to best suit each child. The bed measures the child’s heart-rate, breathing and restlessness, allowing parents to tell what firmness works best. Alerts are sent to parents’ smartphones if they jump out of bed in the middle of the night.

The head of the bed tilts up to make it more comfortable to read in bed. The tilt also helps kid sleep better when congested. Another nice feature is a nightlight that illuminates the floor under the bed.

The accompanying app can help kids establish a good bedtime habits. Parents can make customized bedtime checklists and award their kids stars for going along with them.  Perhaps the app’s feature kids will appreciate most is a monster scanner that shows kids when there aren’t any monsters hiding under their beds.

The Sleep IQ Kids Bed will start at about $1,000 and be available in twin, full and queen sizes. An adult version of the Sleep IQ Bed was introduced last year at CES 2014.

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