Smart Gloves to Be Minority Report Companion to Google's Project Glass
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Smart Gloves to Be Minority Report Companion to Google’s Project Glass



Google’s Project Glass with its head-mounted display that was mounted at eye level caught the attention of the public and geeks when the initiative formally launched to developers at the company’s I/O conference late May this year. However, seeing is just one thing, and patent filings reveal that Google is looking to create a companion product in the form of gloves to allow users to interact with their world and control the user experience. The new smart gloves may be the perfect accessories for the new Project Glass.

Google’s patent filing describes that the gloves are sensory devices embedded with sensors, cameras, and other electronics to help users “see with their hands.” Essentially, motion sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopes, digital compasses, and cameras are embedded into the gloves. A small battery can also be placed around the wrist area.


Users can use the embedded camera to scan pictures and text with their fingers. You can also connect Project Glass to the glove to interact with an augmented reality world.

Along with the gloves would be new gestures, such as clenching your fist to call up a virtual keyboard or using sign language to type.

The possibilities are there for wearable computing devices that opens up new doors for mobile computing. You can head over to Unwired View to read more about the smart gloves initiative.

For now, Project Glass is a $1500 investment and only developers can preorder the wearable head-mounted computer right now.

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