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Smart Hearing Aid for iPhone is Small & Impressive



Dealing with hearing loss is a daily struggle, but there are now smart hearing aids and made for iPhone hearing aids that deliver on the go tuning, a direct connection to the iPhone and a small discrete form factor.

The ReSound ENZO is a new smart hearing aid made for the iPhone that specifically addresses the need for improved hearing for users with profound hearing loss. This Bluetooth hearing aid connects directly to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well as HDTVs with Bluetooth connectivity for a direct connection that doesn’t require the hearing aid to detect the audio source and amplify with those means.

ReSound Smart Hearing Aid 2-X3

This is a smart hearing aid that connects directly to the iPhone by Bluetooth.

You can still use the ReSound ENZO and the ReSound LiNX as a traditional hearing aid, and thanks to the apps, you can connect and manage the audio to better fit the environment. If you set up the ReSound ENZO or LiNX for a restaurant or other location it can use the location information to automatically tune back to that environment the next time you go to that place. There is also a Find My Hearing Aid function to locate a lost or misplaced hearing aid.

For any audio that comes in through your iPhone or iPad, the sound is streamed right to the ReSound and into your ear. This includes phone calls, FaceTime calls and any music, movies and other audio that you watch or listen to.

The ReSound LiNX launched in 2014 for users with less serious hearing loss problems, and the new ReSound ENZO builds on this technology to deliver the smart hearing aid experience to more users. The company also makes the ReSound LiNX TS, a smart hearing aid that can help users manage tinnitus and gain tinnnutus relief while still enjoying a smart hearing aid.

Consumers can find a local hearing specialist to discover where they can try the ReSound LiNX or ReSound ENZO free and talk to a specialist.

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