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SmartDraw 2007 on a Tablet PC InkShow



Every day it seems we come across another application that has decided it is time to implement Tablet PC functionality.  As more notebook PC’s start to add Tablet components, ISV’s are seeing that having ink ability in their applications makes sense.

 In this InkShow, we are examining this inking ability in SmartDraw 2007.  I have used SmartDraw on many occasions in the past, but had not seen the last few versions, so was quite amazed at the progress they have made with this program.  I used SmartDraw to document networks, do flowcharts, etc., but they have now added many, many more templates and capabilities, plus have made the program context sensitive to the type of document or diagram you are creating.  This InkShow is not an attempt to show you all that SmartDraw 2007 can do, it focuses mainly on the use of the pen.  If you would like to see more on this program, they do offer a 30 day free and fully functional trial.

(One quick note:  In this InkShow I mention I am using this Tablet at 1024×768 which was an error.  I was only at 800×600).

Enjoy the show!

Smartdraw 2007: $197.00

Watch the Hi-Res InkShow (Windows Media Player format 19:14, 55mb)
Learn more about SmartDraw 2007
Download the 30 day trial

Lowres video here, click to play:

Video: Smartdraw 2007 on a Tablet PC



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