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Smarter Fridge Cam & Mats Make Every Refrigerator Smart



With internet connected devices growing in popularity, it was only a matter of time before our appliances connected to our smartphones in some way. Other companies are busy creating expensive refrigerators that allow users take stock of what they have at home directly from the super market. The Smarter Fridge Cam, Smarter Detect and Smarter Mats will let anyone enhance their refrigerator.

Smarter showed off its latest line of connected accessories at CES 2016, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas just as other companies were preparing to launch internet connected refrigerators that allow users to peek into their appliance at the grocery store so that they can see what they need to pick up.

The Smarter Detect

The Smarter Detect

The Smarter Fridge Cam does the job of the built-in webcam in those new refrigerators. The 1080p web camera that allows users to reposition it for the best view inside their appliance. The Smarter Detect is for ovens, dryers and other equipment. The Detect monitors its environment and sends alerts directly to smartphones when a task is complete. The company says that the Smarter Detect can sense when an oven is pre-heated. Finally, there’s the Smarter Mats, which send notifications directly to users when whatever their placed under is removed. The general idea with the Mat is that it allows users to keep track of what they need to buy next without opening the pantry.

The Smarter Mat

The Smarter Mat

The Fridge Cam, Mat and Detect will all use 802.11 N to communicate over Wi-Fi networks. Each will use a USB Type-C Port for charging too, but the company isn’t ready to say how long each device’s battery lasts. Final pricing on each accessory will arrive closer to their Summer 2016 launch window, the company says.

Smater Mat and Smarter Detect Smarter Fridge Cam

Presumably, purchasing these internet connected accessories instead of investing in an entirely new appliance will offer some decent savings.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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