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SmartWheel Steering Wheel Cover Could Save Your Life



If you find yourself getting more and more distracted while driving, you may want to get yourself the SmartWheel, which could save your life the next time you go out for a drive.

It’s no surprise that distracted driving causes a lot of accidents. Some of those accidents may not cause any injuries, but there are certainly a handful that likely cause a death. In fact, over 3,000 people died in distraction-related car accidents in 2013. There’s one company that wants to put an end to that.

The SmartWheel is a steering wheel cover that comes with the ability to notify you when you take a hand off the wheel by beeping and flashing a light until you put both hands back on the wheel.


The wheel cover delivers three different types of alerts: when you have one hand off the wheel for too long, having both hands off the wheel at all for any amount of time, and having your hands too close together on the steering wheel, which might suggest that a driver is holding something while driving.

Of course, it wouldn’t prevent you from taking your hands off the steering wheel, but merely annoy you until you put your hands back on. So the next time you grab your phone to text someone while on the road, there will be someone there to tell you not to do that.

Furthermore, the SmartWheel sends its information that it collects to a smartphone, so that you can see just how distracted you are while driving, like parents keeping an eye on how distracted their kids are being while behind the wheel.

The SmartWheel is expected to release at some point mid-2016 with a price of $199, which is a bit expensive for a steering wheel cover, but you can’t put a price tag on life.

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