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SnagIt 9 Available – Why Should You Upgrade?



Most folks know how much we love TechSmith – not only do they sponsor our video InkShows,  but they also make some awesome software. SnagIt, their screen capturing utility, is one of those I use ALL THE TIME, and I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

With SnagIt 9 being released, it might be worth going over why you might want to upgrade. Well, TechSmith just sent me an email detailing some of the reasons, so I thought I’d share them here. The upgrade is $19.95.

1. Go with the flow.
Say goodbye to the old, rigid workflow. Now you’re free to work with multiple images, on your terms.

2. Combine images easily.
Recent captures are always visible in the new Open Captures Tray…just drag-and-drop them onto the canvas to create a composite image.

3. Save nothing…save everything.
SnagIt now stores every capture automatically; browse and sort them visually with the new Media Library.

4. Find your stuff.
Find captures later by date or Web site captured, using the new Visual Search Pane.

5. Get organized (if you want to).
No need to save anything in folders…just tag captures with keywords or flags!

6. Keep your tools handy.
The Editor’s new menus make it quicker to get at the features you use most…and easier to discover the ones you’ve never used.

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